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CHERNOWEAR is a new brand developed and located in the breath-taking Chernobyl exclusion zone. People with a total of over 100 years experience in exploring, guiding and measuring the Chernobyl zone and city of Pripyat are often asked by visitors how they could get the T-shirts or jumpers they were wearing. Giving them away for free (and ending up almost naked) Maja, Tanya, Ljudmila, Claire, Aleksey, Dominik, Yurij, Sergei, Alexander, Andrey, Lena, Martin and others established a brand in 2016. A brand that gives a new perspective to survival - the Chernobyl Perspective.

For YOU and movements such as UrbEx, Geocache and Stalker…

“It is our way of sending a piece of Chernobyl to you, but also bringing a piece of you to Chernobyl. Because of your purchases we are able to help the self-settlers of Chernobyl live a more decent life. 5% of all sales is dedicated to them and is making a significant difference in their lives (their pensions are only around €50 per month!).

Please enjoy the CHERNOWEAR stuff and proudly wear it, as we do.

"With love - CHERNOWEAR team”!

More about how CHERNOWEAR was born in our BLOGPOST here.

CHERNOWEAR apparel and gadgets are produced by our reliable partners in Ukraine, China and Slovakia with our highest standards of protection, quality, durability and design. All the items that you will find on chernowear.com have been tested (sometimes even mutated) in Chernobyl exclusion zone. If you feel there is something missing in our stocklist, please write to us at info@chernowear.com and we will send you a radioactive thank you kiss!

CHERNOWEAR is a brand selling top-notch merchandise online and offline worldwide.

Interested in proudly stocking CHERNOWEAR? contact us on our email address: info@chernowear.com

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